Limo goes to book signing, loses wheel

This blog is long overdue, as the events involved transpired several weeks ago. However, the combination of emotional trauma, holiday busyness, and old fashioned laziness prevented it. We made the rather questionable choice of not spending the holidays in Alaska. This poor choice was compounded by accidentally double booking the first day of Pennsylvania doe […]

The origin of “Alaska Land Barons, LLC”

Since we are on the subject of names, people may wonder where the term “Alaska Land Barons” comes from. Do we plan on owning 50,000 acres? What is a baron, anyway? Like a robber baron? First, I thought the name had a neat ring to it. But more importantly lets look at the definition for […]

Good name for the new boat would be unfit to print

I asked for boat name suggestions, and the only response I got was the “Melvin Lee”. Maybe I should paint the boat orange and call it the “General Lee”. Truly suitable names for the boat, though, would cause a hardened motorcycle gang to gasp in horror and hide under trash cans. You see, the boating […]

Need help naming the new boat

This boat I hauled up from PA I finally got running. Wednesday we will take it out for the maiden voyage, if all goes well getting it from my place to the Homer boat dock. The boat still does not have a name. Well right now it is called the “Doesn’t Leak”, which I think […]

The “M” on Marine products stands for “Money”

If you had a sadistic sense of humor, it would be fun to hide in the landscaping at a boat dealership and listen to the cries of the doomed as they got their boat repair bills. Their wallet would actually be what was doomed, to be specific. This does explain a few things, however. When […]

Somehow I find myself owning 2 boats

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been awhile. Things have been busy up here, and my brother had the audacity to get married-in Indiana of all places (Obviously Alaska would be a better place for that). We did go fishing quite a bit, and all these things took a toll on my spare time. So I will […]

Electric grid thoughts, P.A.D. vs A.A.D.

Two topics of discussion for this blog post: Electric and mental disorders. First, I get slightly annoyed when I tell people I “live off the grid” and I am met with loud exclamations like I’m a living martyer in a tent somewhere. Not that being a martyer is bad, but living without “the grid” certainly […]

Matt abandons long held principles, buys V-10 powered vehicle

For nearly as long as I can remember, I always wanted a vehicle with a V-10. Granted, I could put up with a supercharged V-8 if I had to, but a V-10 would be the ultimate, or so I thought. Stranger still, I purchased the V-10 by accident. Despite already having a van, two weeks […]

Chicken farming in Alaska goes amuck, but fishing a success

When I decided to raise chickens and turkeys in Alaska, I forgot to take a small variable into the equation. These little critters will commit suicide if given half the chance. Turkeys are especially prone to end their young, tender lives. They can drown in a quarter inch of water, get their heads stuck in […]

What is P.A.D? Here is a description of it:

I have gotten messages from several people wondering what in the world P.A.D. is, which appeared to be affecting my brother in law Paul as he entered the Anchorage airport on his way back to PA. Of course, being a beacon of mental stability, I have never been affected by P.A.D. However, here is a […]