The ultimate ATV accessory – works for hauling tires, water, groceries and children

When outfitting your ATV, there are many options to consider. Winches, oversized tires, gun racks, snorkel kits, etc. While those are fine things to consider, the feature I found most useful with my 4 wheeler was a 140 quart Igloo ice chest. Like most great inventions, I discovered this by accident. The fateful night that I drove the Kymco to Ninilchick for pizza, I strapped the ice chest on the 4 wheeler.

A quick note on town names: Alaskas has the best town names of any state. Just down the road from us is “Ninilchick”, and “Kasilof”. There is also “Soldotna”, “Kalifornsky”, “Nikiski”, “Kenai”, “Clam Gultch” and of course “Anchor Point”, not as exotic sounding but still sturdy names that have a neat ring. Compared to “Blue Ball”, “Intercourse”, “Virginville” and “Bird-in-Hand” of Lancaster County, Pa, they sound downright incredible. In fact, it sounds like perverts were naming the towns in Pa. (of course, perhaps the town names in Alaska mean bad things in Russian, I don’t know)

Back to the ice chest on the 4 wheeler. Of course, one problem with hauling pizza in an ice chest is that it doesn’t fit, without being cut in half.(the pizza) But I figured that would be better than cold pizza. After I eventually got the 4 wheeler back to the cabin, I discovered many other uses for this ice chest. It came in handy for hauling groceries, tires, water and even children. (although in Pa you would probably get locked up for hauling children in an ice chest)

One possible problem is thatĀ  your ice chest will get more wear and tear than if you just stocked cold drinks in it. Given the fact most folks don’t care about the resell value of their ice chest, this shouldn’t be a problem. So go ahead, give it a shot!


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