Books sale are unbelievable, sold out for the moment

I want to say a big “Thank You” to everyone who has ordered books! We are sold out of books, and I have placed an order for several thousand with a publisher located in New York. (proof that despite my complaints about NY’s oppressive regulations, I don’t hate the people in the state) The second printing also contains a short bonus feature, called “Alaska Road Trip Survival Guide”. It contains advice for your road trip to Alaska, things like “don’t kick bears” etc. Actually I don’t think I mentioned anything about kicking bears in it, but it has other sage advice.

My apologies for not ordering a higher quantity of books the first time around, (I ordered over $1,000 worth, my cost) but I was a bit paranoid about spending all my money on books, only to have them sit around the office collecting dust. My family would probably get tired of each receiving the same book for Christmas for the next 10 years.

If you have a real hankering to read the book right now, you can always consider an Ebook from The latest edition, with the road trip survival guide, will be available this week. Click here to view it on

And a special thanks to Glenwood Foods of Hinkletown, Pa, for ordering a case of the new books ahead of time, to sell in their store. Which is flattering, because when I drove truck for them 10 years ago, I was probably the most incompetent truck driver in Pa. Anyone else wanting to order by the case, shoot me an email Discounts of 50% are available if ordering a case of 50, plus we’ll mention your business in our ads to promote the book. The new books will be available sometime around the end of January or beginning of February.

Also, I’m currently writing the second in the series, “Return to Alaska”. This book will have almost twice as many pages as book 1, and will detail our return trip back to Alaska, buying land, and building our cabin. I’m not sure what book 3 will be about, but it may include the fine motor home mentioned in an earlier post.

Merry Christmas!

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