Need help naming the new boat

This boat I hauled up from PA I finally got running. Wednesday we will take it out for the maiden voyage, if all goes well getting it from my place to the Homer boat dock. The boat still does not have a name. Well right now it is called the “Doesn’t Leak”, which I think is a rather dumb name. I thought about changing it to the Titanic II, but Marlene pointed out if I wanted to sell it, that would be a bad name. Today I did get an insurance policy on it, just in case. So if you have a good name idea, let it in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

I also thought I should name it after my first “real” boat, the D.A.N.G. Sergeant. That boat was a 1960 Glaspar with a 75 HP Evinrude outboard. I got it for free from my uncle, who was a sergeant in the Delaware Air National Guard. See, the boat name actually was not a swear word, but to many people thought it was. So maybe I won’t call it the D.A.N.G. Sergeant II.

I considered naming the boat after one of my daughters, but then they got in an argument who it should be named after. So I gave up on that idea for now. Maybe “Doesn’t Leak” is an ok name, it is a lot better than “Doesn’t Float”. Or I could name it after my laptop, which should be named “Doesn’t start”. I got so tired of fighting with Microsoft Windows I ordered a used MacBook Pro off of Ebay. Take that, Bill Gates!

Anyway, I have included a video of my boat running. I loved the sound of a V-8 engine, in a car or boat.¬† I will let everyone know how the maiden voyage goes! Or…how it doesn’t go.


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