Motorhome gets stuck in lane, chicks dig Alaska

Sorry for not post a blog entry for several entire months…a lot has been going on. I am almost finished with our next book, “Return to Alaska”. We were in PA for awhile, and finally left for AK somewhere around the week after tax season. We had a fairly uneventful 4,000 mile drive. I managed to bake some cookies from scratch on the Alcan highway while Marlene drove. It almost made me seasick, but they turned out ok.

Pulling into our lane in Alaska, I promptly got the motorhome soundly stuck. A half day later, and some help from friends, it was finally unstuck. Last weekend my brother in law, Paul, and his family flew up. We have been enjoying touring the great state of Alaska with them.

This morning I picked up 1,200 chickens at the post office. Many of them are already sold, hopefully the rest will be. I put the chickens (in boxes) in the cabin for a few hours while we toured Seward, and upon returning found that many of them escaped and were running around the cabin. They were promptly put outside in the chicken coop. Marlene did not like having chickens running all through her kitchen.

Tomorrow we may do some Halibut fishing. I will try not to wait months to post again.

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