Moose burger for lunch, cabin gets solar panel and battery upgrade

For lunch today I ate moose for the first time. If nobody would have said anything I would have assumed I was eating beef. Not bad for wild game, I will certainly buy a moose tag next hunting season. Where did this particular moose come from? Why we got it given to us by the Reinford’s meat co. (they also provide roadside assistance and lodging)

Also, I called a good friend of ours (Marlin Eicher) today and mentioned our vehicle plight. His family wasted no time running down a spare van they had for us to use. It’s hard to believe how helpful and friendly folks are around here. Lately I have felt like a sponge, just soaking up everybody’s goodies and time, hopefully we can start returning some favors seriously soon.

On a brighter note, I finally got around to start installing some extra solar panels I brought along. The cabin had 2 275 watt panels, I am in the process of installing 4 more. I also upgraded the battery bank from 2 batteries to 8. (for a total of 1600+ amp hours in the bank) If you are setting up a solar sytem, don’t even waste your time with 2 panels, unless your just using it to run a night light or something small. It’s best to go with 4 panels and 4 batteries right away and make it 24 volt. Live and learn. Also make sure to get a large charge conroller right away, or you’ll end up buying a second one.

The locals are telling me it should snow soon. Hopefully I can get a chance to try out the Arctic cat I brought along.

If you have not visited Alaska¬† yet, start planning your trip next summer, you won’t regret it, and who knows, you might end up living here.


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