The origin of “Alaska Land Barons, LLC”

Since we are on the subject of names, people may wonder where the term “Alaska Land Barons” comes from. Do we plan on owning 50,000 acres? What is a baron, anyway? Like a robber baron?

First, I thought the name had a neat ring to it. But more importantly lets look at the definition for “baron”. There are several, one of which is “a person who held lands or property from the sovereign or a powerful overlord”. As a Christian, everything I own actually belongs to God. He allows us to use possessions, and sometimes I admit to perhaps using them for myself to much. But that is besides the point. The point is that there is no one more sovereign or powerful than God. The land I have I hold with his permission. So, it is only logical that if you own land (any amount), you are actually a land baron.

Some folks may still bring up the subject of “robber barons”. Well, that is an easy one to prove it does not apply. A “robber baron” is “an unscrupulous plutocrat, especially an American capitalist who acquired a fortune in the late nineteenth century by ruthless means.” 1. I’m not ruthless (I hope). 2. I wasn’t even alive in the late nineteenth century. 3. The fact I’m using boats that don’t run well and are almost as old as myself should indicate I haven’t made my fortune yet.

Also some folks may have noticed I have not blogged lately on I am moving the blog over to this site, not because I’m tired of dogs, but because I want to try and promote my books. However I will still keep up the site, and the limo of course. So don’t panic.

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  1. Our family of 6 adults (2married couples n 1@ single male & female) are planning a trip from NY to Alaska in celebration of my husband n my 25th anniversary. The current plan is to drive our pickup pulling our camper, however, this is subject to change till we actually hit the road. We would enjoy meeting you and your family while there since your books fanned the flame for making the trip (we’ve been talking about doing this for 10 years or so). Also, any advice on “don’t miss” places to see or things to do would be appreciated.

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