On the way home to Alaska, small portable toilet is a huge hit

Sunday afternoon we finally left Middleburg, Pa, for Anchor Point, Alaska. Currently we are camping somewhere in Wisconsin. If you ever drive through here, make sure to stop at “Culvers”, it’s the best fast food place I have ever eaten at. The chain is mostly located in Wisconsin. Due to snow concerns on the Alcan […]

Limo drives through work zone, pandemonium ensues

Thursday of this week, April 25th, I had the chance to go with Paul Weaver of Beavertown Guns & Grocery to pickup some sporting goods from one of his wholesalers, Jerrys Sporting Goods, near Scranton, Pa. (I enjoy hanging out with store owner tycoon types like Paul, it makes me feel important) Naturally we drove […]

Limo update

We finally got the camoflauge done on the limo, we added a few layers of leaves and twigs. You can also see the subtle lettering we put on the side for “AmericanGunDogs.com”.  Currently the limo is parked across the street from Beavertown Guns and Groceries, along 522 just outside of Beavertown. (one of my favorite […]

“Stinky” the dog that made my brother and I famous for a day

We used to have a dog we named “Stinky”. He was a stray dog that showed up at our place one day, and well, the way he earned his name should be self explanatory. Your welcome to read the article I scanned, which ran on the front page of the Ephrata Review, on May 11, […]

First stage of limo camo

Here you can see my first stage of camo.  It does seem to have a big of negative effect on the class factor, but I figure a nice brush guard off of a Crown Victoria police interceptor will compensate.  I want to add a few more leaf prints, like a few hundred more, before putting […]

Limo camo progress

Our limo camo project is proceeding, today I ran a few tests, you can see the progress in the picture below. Friday we plan to shoot the whole thing, still working on a pattern I like. First the chrome comes off, as chrome and camo do not mix. For a practical person like myself, I […]

Fiscal restraint, buying limousines, and other compatible habits

I woke up this morning with a new limousine in my driveway. Well, it’s not quite new, in a year or two I can put classic tags on it. Now some uneducated folks might ask “what on earth are you doing with a limousine?!”, since I’m not a politician or an agent for the Amish […]

The Smith & Wesson .460 – separating the men from the boys

Imagine this scenario that plays out sometimes at Beavertown Guns and Grocery: (some minor details have been embellished for perspective) An enormous, muscular man strides in. His shirts says “2012 Alligator Wrestling Finalist”. His leather pants have grizzly bear teeth marks in them. His steel toed kevlar boots have an authoritative “clump, clump” as he […]

Owl imprint in the snow

I was out rabbit hunting a week or two ago with my good friend Paul Weaver, of Beavertown Guns & Grocery, and my dog “Noodles” (unfortuantly when I named this dog I didn’t realize how stupid I would sound in the field when I called it) and we ran across this imprint in the snow. […]