First stage of limo camo

Here you can see my first stage of camo.  It does seem to have a big of negative effect on the class factor, but I figure a nice brush guard off of a Crown Victoria police interceptor will compensate.  I want to add a few more leaf prints, like a few hundred more, before putting the lettering on.

Also on the list is a hitch, as what good is a vehicle without one. I’ll need that for pulling my boat and trailer. Some tint is also in the works, thanks to the $14 rolls at Wal-Mart. We are also drawing up some plans for roof racks, imagine all the stuff you could fit on that roof.

I painted the car at my buddy’s shop. It turned out to take longer than I wanted it to, because people kept stopping in to talk to him, then I would have to explain all over again why I was painting a limo camoflauge. But eventually I got it finished. You would never guess how hard all that cheesy chrome and moulding comes off.blog9

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