Limo update

We finally got the camoflauge done on the limo, we added a few layers of leaves and twigs. You can also see the subtle lettering we put on the side for “”. ¬†Currently the limo is parked across the street from Beavertown Guns and Groceries, along 522 just outside of Beavertown. (one of my favorite places to shop)

So swing out, take a look at the limo and grab some lunch meat and a new shotgun or two while you are there. I just talked to Paul (manager of Beavertown Guns and Grocery) this morning and he said 12 used guns were added to their inventory in the past day or two, so I’m sure there are deals to be had. (he also buys guns if you want to sell yours. His number is 570-837-5770)

Below you can see some pictures of the limo, as well as on shot of it without the bumper cover while we were mounting the brush guard, push bar, or whatever they are called. Special thanks to Clark Hill Service Center (located in Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa phone # 570-539-8878) and Arlan Martin for his help mounting it and using his shop. He also helped me secure the Ford Explorer rims the limo is sporting.

Happy Hunting!


Note on Clark Hill Service Center: Arlan (the owner) did not pay me or give me free stuff to write about his business, but I highly recommend it anyway. He does PA state inspections, welding, oil changes, mechanical repairs, etc. He even helps paint and service limos….

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