First Fishing Trip to the Barren Islands, April 2023

Our first fishing trip of 2023! We were planning to go to the Flat Islands, but the weather seemed good so we just went the whole way out to the Barren Islands. We caught some massive cod, but no halibut. This video is sponsored by, free classified advertising for everything homesteading and outdoors!

Kauai, Hawaii Helicopter Tour

While Chad and Tom were busy shooting things (a fine thing to do) I was off visiting Hawaii with my wife, Marlene, on our 20th wedding anniversary. With Tom and Chad looking after the shop, I knew my guns would be well taken care of and did not have to worry. We toured Kauai by…...

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Introduction to Cap and Ball Black Powder Revolvers Part 1

Cap and Ball Revolvers can be very useful! In most states you can have them shipped directly to your house. We review the most popular black powder revolvers, the Remington 1858 replicas. This video is sponsored by To place a free classified ad, or to browse items for sale, including black powder revolvers, visit […]

September 23, 2022 Update

Just an update on what is going on in Alaska. Shane fell off a roof, Kallia flipped my Jeep, and I took my new boat to Kodiak.

Videos and More

Welcome! We often have videos we would like to share, but cannot in travelogues due to time constraints. We don’t really like the big name public video sharing sites, so as a result we decided to post them here. The first link is subscriber only content. This contains our travelogues, as well as other videos […]

Merry Christmas, and happy muzzleloader hunting!

Christmastime always makes me think about muzzleloaders. Not the flimsy, stupid excuse for a muzzleloader ones, but the real flintlock deals. I personally think so called “inline muzzleloaders” are humanities cruel joke. If aliens ever land, I’m going to apologize for our planet having such miserable excuses for muzzleloaders on it. I will grudgingly admit […]

The origin of “Alaska Land Barons, LLC”

Since we are on the subject of names, people may wonder where the term “Alaska Land Barons” comes from. Do we plan on owning 50,000 acres? What is a baron, anyway? Like a robber baron? First, I thought the name had a neat ring to it. But more importantly lets look at the definition for […]