Touring Alaska, Sleeping in a Box Trailer (with a family of 10) – George Shirk

In Convoy to Alaska, I mention a family that stopped in while we had piles of salmon everywhere in our kitchen. That family was George Shirk, and they made this video of their trip. They toured Alaska and slept only in a cargo trailer pulled by their van. Our family found it very interesting, and George agreed to let me show it to our readers, free of charge. It is about 45 minutes long, but it is worth watching. I think they did an excellent job documenting their trip, all the while making it interesting to follow. And to be honest, I think he is better at producing and editing video than I am. But don’t tell anyone I said that…

Learn how they:
Camped for free!
Beat the heat and outsmarted mosquitos!
Found themselves surrounded by grizzly bears!
Caught salmon with every cast!
Experienced sled dogs!
Watched grizzly bears catch salmon!

They even have some video from my house-although I’m a bit embarrassed how my garage looked. I show up briefly in the video, and if I look a bit frazzled it was because I was up all night cleaning fish.

He also had a book of the trip. Book is available for purchase here.

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