The Treasure Has Been Found!

The hunt is over! Find out where it was hidden, and more details to follow:


  1. Hi Matt !
    I’ve been watching your updates, very interesting to follow but being Canadian i wasn’t going to try really hard for gold as we can’t come across the border real easy! I was given book 10 for Christmas, so I quickly read it. I think I’ve read all your books and own a lot of them. I must admit the Limousine launch was probably the best yet although I enjoyed them all. Keep up your writing skills!! After the last few updates I was sure the treasure is very close to the motorhome. Thanks for doing it!! Elmer Brubacher

  2. Hi to the snaders! My family and a lot of people i know, absolutely LOVE your books! It would have been very interesting to find the treasure, but were too far away, best of all i think would be the free trip to alaska! Keep the books coming!!!

  3. Matt this was very fun and challenging to me, I was actively involved in the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt so when the Fenn treasure was found I soon jumped on this one.
    Things like this are in my blood every since I remember and I wonder what’s next.
    Thanks again for a great treasure hunt
    Wayne Shirk

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