Half price -Adventures of a Traveling Dog Salesman – The Year of Much Fishing


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Travel with the Snader family to Alaska as they try their hand at fishing. Not the feeble fishing attempts of their earlier books, but fishing and catching the fish that Alaska is known for. King Salmon, 50 pound Halibut, Sockeye Salmon, and more!

Not content to use the boats of others, Matt purchases a little 16 foot boat from his neighbor. He soon realizes that bigger boats are better, and finds a larger boat on Ebay and haul it 4,400 miles to Alaska. This simple plan gets complicated by an early September snowstorm.

Included in the book is a gold prospecting expedition the entire family took to the interior of Alaska. While they did not strike it rich, they learned a lot and had an enjoyable time.

And, last but not least, Matt’s Bishop comes to visit. This visit takes a surprise turn when they inadvertently crash an invitation only, National Christmas Tree Party, near Seward, Alaska.

There is also the failed attempt to start a chicken empire in Anchor Point, moose season, and a mini fiasco with the limo as it loses a tire on a busy interstate highway.

224 Pages /Over 100 full color photos throughout the book

ISBN: 978-1-4951-9747-5


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