Half price -Adventures of a Traveling Dog Salesman – No Place Like Nome


Not available until March 25, 2017.

The Snader’s 5th book, No Place Like Nome, details a trip to Nome in July, 2016. It starts out with Matt buying an old motorhome for $2,500 and convincing his brother and sister-in-law to drive with them to Alaska from Pennsylvania. Eventually this vehicle makes it to Alaska and is bartered for a boat. The boat breaks down on Cook Inlet, prompting a distress call to the Coast Guard.

An Amish family comes to visit them in Alaska. Later, the Snader family flies to Nome, but not before Matt accidentally attempts to take .454 ammunition through airport security. In Nome they explore many of the local attractions, and actually are successful at gold panning. Matt’s dad flies up to Alaska to hunt moose, but the only thing that ends up getting shot is spruce chickens. The book concludes with a trip to Florida, with a successful alligator and hog hunt. Of course there are many other things that happen along the way, such as bears tearing up Matt’s snowmobile, the “berry pickers” of Book 2 exposed, and so on.

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