The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure


This true adventure is documented with photographs and journal notes. Besides braving the elements, the team encountered wild bear and dogs, snakes, mosquitoes, and difficult digging conditions. An inspiration for Bible-believing Christians everywhere. Can dinosaur DNA be extracted form icy graves? More importantly, can organic dinosaur remains survive 65 million years? Read about an adventure that could rock the scientific world for decades.

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Based on a spine-tingling adventure into the wilderness of Northern Alaska, this book follows the trail of a team of creation scientists who recently discovered frozen dinosaur bones. Assuming that dinosaurs evolved 235 million years ago, then died-out mysteriously 65 million years ago, scientists have a problem trying to explain unfossilized bones of gigantic beasts that once roamed the earth.

Authors: Buddy Davis, Mike Liston, John Whitmore

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