[ Case of 42 ] Adventures of a Traveling Dog Salesman: Yes, It Snows In Hawaii | Book 8


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In February 2019 the Snader family flew to Hawaii. The family visit two of Hawai’s many islands, Big Island, and Oahu. While there they did a variety of activities, including a submarine ride, helicopter ride, zip line, fishing, and other things. Of course, they did their best to photograph and document the trip to share with book readers.
There were a few twists and turns along the way. Matt brought along a rifle to hunt wild pigs, only to find out that Hawaii’s draconian firearm regulations are quite different than the common sense regulations Alaska offers. This results in several visits to the local police station.
Matt also attempted to turn loose two 3D printed boats equipped with satellite trackers. He wanted to watch them make their way across the South Pacific ocean. Unfortunately, launching a boat from beach is much harder than it looks.
The Snaders rented some interesting vehicles while exploring Hawaii, which included two Jeep Wranglers for offroading, and a 2019 Mustang Convertible. (The Mustang was actually cheaper to rent than a mini-van.)
Of course, Hawaii is not nearly as cool as Alaska, but readers might enjoy following along the Snader’s footsteps as they visit the Hawaiian Islands.

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