[ Case of 32 ] Adventures of a Traveling Dog Salesman – Convoy to Alaska Book 6


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Finally Matt’s brother-in-law, Paul, and his family decide to move to Alaska. Naturally the Snader family is delighted by this development. Unfortunately it seems everyone in Pennsylvania conspires against Paul’s family moving, however common sense prevails and they do move.
The Snader family also finishes a new house, but this time it is located on the electrical grid. Tired of being insulted by folks suggesting they are not true Alaskans they sell or move every last stick of belongings that had remained in Pennsylvania. The new house is not built without a few snags along the way. Matt attempts to save money by talking friends and family into flying up to work on the new house. At the end of the day it is doubtful that any money was saved with this approach.
Andrew and Tabitha Stoltzfus also move to Alaska (they first appear in Book 3). They build a house just down the road from Matt’s property.
Matt also finds another cheap RV, and this time paints it camouflage and mounts a moose guard on the front. These modifications are done strictly from a practical standpoint, in the interest of safety and such. A goat hunt across from Homer above Halibut Cove becomes interesting when a bear is shot, and high stepping tourists come across the scene of the hunt. If you enjoyed the other books in the set, you will probably enjoy this one as well. And if you have not yet ready any of the books in the series, you might as well start with this one.

224 pages, 6″x9″ Over 100 full color photographs throughout the book.

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