Alaska Sea Escapes


One riveting, harrowing sea escape after the other, Alaska Sea Escapes provides fifteen fascinating and gripping stories of disasters and escapes in the wild waters of Alaska’s fishing industry. All stories are true accounts!

Author: Wilma Williams

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This book was originally released too a small audience inside Alaska in 1998. It was discovered by Matt Snader, as his neighbor Richard (also known as Rick) was on the fated El Dan crab boat that sank in the Bering Sea, in sub zero temperatures and 20 foot waves.

We have worked out a deal with the author, Wilma Williams, and Alaska Sea Escapes is now back in print, and due to bulk printing, available at half the price of the original book. The new book also features a forward written by Matt Snader, as well as additional pictures and content.

Wilma Williams lives in Homer, Alaska. She has lived in Alaska since 1928 (yes, you read that right) and has worked in the fishing industry herself, giving her a first hand perspective of the industry and the challenges and dangers associated with it.

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