Overnight Kodiak Fishing Trip July 2023 with Jerry

July 21 and 22, 2023, we took the boat to Kodiak Island. On the way Samantha caught a fish that was bigger than her! I (Matt) also reeled in a rather large Lingcod. It was a great trip on calm seas!… This content is for subscribers only.Log In Register...

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Shane and Hope’s wedding

Below will be a frame to play the wedding for Shane and Hope. The wedding starts 1:00 PM Sept 1, 2023, Alaska time. Refresh this page as the time gets closer to the start time if the player is not yet visible.

Testing the AI Jig in Prince William Sound

We took the ugly AI jig to Prince William Sound to give it a test, and it actually caught some fish! A special thanks to I-Hunt for sponsoring this video. Through them, you can rent private land to hunt on, in many states across the US. For more information visit www.IHunt.com.

AI ChatGPT designed halibut fishing jig

My brother came to visit, he is a computer science major. He has taken some classes in artificial intelligence, so I asked him to use those tools to design a fishing lure. The result was a bit interesting, and made me think we are safe from robots, at least for a little while.

Trying out my new ROV

An ROV is an underwater drone. We try this out in Cook Inlet and see what is below us…

Under Halibut Cove

Some interesting underwater footage, taken in Halibut Cove, Alaska. This footage was taken on June 3, 2023.