Baby Announcement & Gender Reveal

It’s a….(need to watch video haha) Note: Is says “Birth Announcement” in the video caption, that is technically incorrect as the baby has not been born yet, but this is an announcement saying it will be. (to clarify)

Live Iditarod Map Trail Update

Here is Matt’s real time location on the Iditarod Trail, as broadcast from his GPS receiver. This is the same system as used with the Benchy boats, and for some reason he cann’t get the map to stop showing the labels “Benchy I” and “Benchy II”. If it says Benchy is somewhere out on the…...

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Iditarod Trail Updates

For the latest updates, Scroll to the bottom of page On March 6 Matt, Marlene, Shane, Mike and Gina leave to run the Iditarod trail route. This page will be updated as they progress by Cole Raber. Thanks Cole! Click here to see Cole’s YouTube channel. To be clear: We are not running as competitors […]

Juneau Creek Falls Winter Hike by Shane

Shane and some of his friends took a hike out to Juneau Creek Falls in mid February. While they didn’t get attacked by bears, or anything else overly interesting, it does give you a look at Alaska scenery in Wintertime…. This content is for subscribers only.Log In Register...

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What is next?

Matt Snader talks about plans for the next project-running the full Iditarod trail loop on snowmachines. Filmed in his igloo!

Brad Sturm Interview

I interview Brad and Gabriel Sturm about the treasure hunt. Find out how they found it, and what they might do with it.