September 23, 2022 Update

Just an update on what is going on in Alaska. Shane fell off a roof, Kallia flipped my Jeep, and I took my new boat to Kodiak.

Homer to Kodiak in my new 28′ Raider Boat

On September 5 and 6 we took my Raider boat across the Gulf of Alaska to Kodiak Island. The roundtrip was a little over 300 miles. It was a great trip, come ride along and experience Alaska! Note: Salty Alaska is a trademark for Alaska Adventure Books that we use for some of our video…...

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Travelogue and Boat Update

  Link to purchase travelogue tickets and latest book release Link to rent my brother-in-law’s house in Sarasota, Florida 

New Baby Update!

On January 15, Hannah arrived! Plus some other news…a travelogue, boat update, and more.

Flying Over the Boat Wreck Scene

Dwight Wenger, myself, and my daughters Desiree and Samantha fly over the spot where the boat sank, to verify the hull hasn’t moved due to bad weather…. This content is for subscribers only.Log In Register...

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Video of the Boat Sinking Disaster

On December 30, 2021, my boat, The Big Kahuna, sank in Prince William Sound. This video chronicles the disaster, from light hearted happy deer hunting moments until the boat slips under the sea. A special thanks to my son, Shane, who took most of the video of the disaster…. This content is for subscribers only.Log...

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Boating Disaster in Prince William Sound

On December 30, 2021 our boat sank in Prince William Sound, after become stuck on a rock. The dropping tide eventually caused it to capsize. Get the scoop here on what happened. We praise God that everyone safely got off the boat, and returned home without harm. We also thank the United States Coast Guard […]

Book 11 Release Announcement

Our 11th book, 1,000 Miles on the Iditarod Trail, is now in stores! And we also pick a winner in the video from our email list. Note: Sitting beside a crackling wood stove seems to have put Matt to sleep in this video. We may reshoot this when he is not feeling so tired…