Land For Sale – Financing available starting at $226 a month

Land for sale in Anchor Point, Alaska! For the price of a used car payment you can have your own real estate in Alaska! Alaska Land Barons, LLC purchased a large area of land in early 2018 for the purpose building recreational rental cabins. After some planning we decided that we do not need the original acreage and are offering a limited number of the lots for sale. The areas marked “Henry’s Alaska Cabins” are parcels being used for rental cabins. Not So Far St runs down the middle of the lots. Click here for a Google Maps link to the area

Financing offered at 5% a lengths up to 20 years, with 10% down. We accept credit cards and you can even make your payments with a credit card if you wish. For example:

Lot price of $38,000 at 5% interest with 10% down equals a payment of $226 a month.

Lot price of $49,000 at 5% interest with 10% down equals a payment of $291 a month.

The lots have been split up into such a way that we are offering them all for $38,000 each, with the exception of two nine acre lots shaded orange. These we are offering for $49,000 each. This is due to immediate road access and also to the fact they directly border the Henry’s Cabins land. The orange lots also are fully wooded and no muskeg. Muskeg is spongy ground that tends to have a high water table. You can walk on it and drive four ATV’s across it most of the time, however a vehicle would get stuck. So why are some of the 19 acre parcels the same price as the 10 acre parcels? If you look at the map the darker areas are trees. Trees do not grow in muskeg, so that is in indicator that is good, dry ground. The larger lots tend to have more muskeg, and are further from the road, both which cause them to be less in value. That large bold numbers on each parcel indicated the acreage, rounded to the nearest acre.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there wildlife on these lands?   Yes, lots of moose and brown (grizzly) bears! There are also wolves, black bears, and many other animals in the area.
  2. Can I hunt on my own land?     Yes, provided you have a hunting license and follow all regulations.
  3. Can I build on this land?   Yes, you can legally build on any of these parcels. Note that it is probably best not to build on muskeg though. No building permits needed!
  4. Can I drive to this land?    The lots are located about 4 miles off the Sterling Highway. You can drive right up Not So Far St, however some of the lots do not have lanes to them.
  5. Are there mountain views from the lots? Some of the lots do, however we have not checked each lot and cannot guarantee that. We suggest you come see them in person.
  6. Why are these lots more than borough appraised value?  The borough tends to greatly undervalue the price of raw land. We won’t complain though, as this keeps property taxes low! And hey, if you find a better deal somewhere else, we are not holding you back.
  7. How much are property taxes?  Property taxes on these lots is approximately $300 a year.
  8. Do I need to fly to Alaska to purchase the land? We think it is a good idea to fly up and look at the land, but no, you can buy it without traveling to Alaska. All paperwork can be down via phone, Internet, and mail. We can go take pictures of lot(s) you are interested in, and do a video tour via skype of any parcels you are interested in.

For more information call or text 907-299-7252