Baby Announcement & Gender Reveal

It’s a….(need to watch video haha) Note: Is says “Birth Announcement” in the video caption, that is technically incorrect as the baby has not been born yet, but this is an announcement saying it will be. (to clarify)

Iditarod Trail Updates

For the latest updates, Scroll to the bottom of page On March 6 Matt, Marlene, Shane, Mike and Gina leave to run the Iditarod trail route. This page will be updated as they progress by Cole Raber. Thanks Cole! Click here to see Cole’s YouTube channel. To be clear: We are not running as competitors […]

What is next?

Matt Snader talks about plans for the next project-running the full Iditarod trail loop on snowmachines. Filmed in his igloo!

Brad Sturm Interview

I interview Brad and Gabriel Sturm about the treasure hunt. Find out how they found it, and what they might do with it.

Update #8 Add On

I forgot a few things in the last update I wanted to mention, so here is a quick add on.

Treasure Update #8

Matt talks more about the clues and how there are different sets of them. Also a giveaway for a game processing set and some Wallaby licorice!

Treasure Hunt Update #7

Today we drew a winner for a authentic Viking broadsword! Also a more detailed explanation on the pointers. Here is a link to the Afognak Deer hunting video, where Shane yodels away the bear.

Treasure Update #5

Another update! The treasure is still not found, so Matt offers a bit of a clue…

Treasure Hunt Update #1

Book readers! Five days into the search, Matt releases the first weekly treasure hunt update, as well as a possible hint. There is also a giveaway in the video! Is it you? Watch and find out!

Eskimo Checkers How To Demo

Fellow Alaskan, Paul Weaver, demonstrates the finer points of Eskimo Checkers. Click here to purchase the game, or just for more info.

Banana Fishing Video

Do Bananas prevent you from catching fish? Alaska’s top researchers decide to find out.

Part 6 of 5: Iditarod trail snowmachine trip to McGrath

On our 2nd try we finally made it to McGrath, Alaska, following the Iditarod trail ahead. We left March 7, a day before the Iditarod dog sled race mushers took to the trail. After arriving in McGrath, we watched the dog sled teams come in. Along the trail we encounter moose, flip snow machines, and […]

Killer Whales Jumping on Cook Inlet, Alaska

We were in for a real treat on Friday, July 31, 2020, when we went out looking for Killer Whales. Not only did we find them, they put on a show by jumping out of the water for the camera. It was exciting, and fun to watch.

Argo Mounted Gatling Gun vs Dishwasher

Our old dishwasher gave out, so we decided to retire it with a bang, well actually, several bangs. Here you can see us ensure that it no longer works and can be safely taken to the dump and disposed of.    

Iditarod Trail-Part 5 (First attempt to McGrath)

We finally hit the real Iditarod trail in our first attempt to reach McGrath. Things don’t go quite as planned and we end up spending the night in a trapper cabin. We see sub zero temps, moose, and a lot more interesting things.

Iditarod Trip – Part 4 (Hope, Alaska)

Before the big trip, we needed to do a thorough test on our equipment. We did this in -20 weather at Hope, Alaska. Everything performed as expected. While nothing really crazy happened, the skies were clear and the scenery was awesome.

Shane’s Phantom Bear Hunt

Are there magic bears in our backyard? Or is Shane just being silly in this video? (Yes, he is testing out some video editing features-in case you didn’t know for sure)

Iditarod Trail – Part 2

Part of getting ready for our upcoming trip was getting rid of the old snowmobile. My brother-in-law Paul Weaver takes it off my hands, for $100. This gives me some cash to invest in replacement machines.

Iditarod Trail – Part 1

Our family has decided to take a snomachine trip from Willow to McGrath, a distance of 300 miles. We plan to follow the historic Iditarod trail, although the actual trail is much longer than just 300 miles. It will be a several day trip to McGrath and back. Journey along as we plan the trip, […]

Argo 6×6 vs Alaskan Mud

In this video, Andy Stoltzfus and Shane Snader attempt to transport building materials to a remote cabin site. The only way in is through a very muddy trail.  

Limo Launch!

We retired our old limo by launching it over the 300 foot high cliff at the Glacier View Car Launch, in Glacier View, Alaska! The results were amazing-if you like cars flipping end over end.

Winter King Salmon Fishing In Homer, Alaska

On Saturday, March 16, 2019 we had the chance to go winter King Salmon fishing. We went with Maverick Charters out of Homer. We had a great time, and caught fish! Our group caught a total of five kings. Captain Eric made sure we had a great time! For more information on Maverick Charters visit […]

Failed Attempt to Load a Snowmachine (Snowmobile)

My snowmachine gave out the other day, and so I attempted to load it onto my pickup truck. Unfortunately, it was to heavy for Shane and myself to lift on, so I attempted to ram it on with the four wheeler. Sadly, it never did get to the repair shop but is still sitting in […]

Matt The Moose Whisperer

On the way to take my daughter Desiree out for breakfast, this nice moose walked in front of us. I did my best to communicate with the moose, but my messages didn’t seem to register.

Andy Stoltzfus Catches 9 Salmon in 60 Seconds

A short portion of this is included in our second (2018) travelogue. However people have asked for more and longer video of this part so here it is. Viewers may notice Andy throwing fish back in the stream, that is because they are pinks. Only reds are allowed to be dipnetted at this location, which […]

Marv Runs Over a Herd of Salmon

This is a short three minute video of an overnight canoe trip last fall. Marv Hostetler and his boys, Braydon, Brett, Grant, and Matt and Shane Snader went on the trip. The trip took place on a 20 mile stretch of the Swanson River, in the northern part of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. The highlight of […]