Winter King Salmon Fishing In Homer, Alaska

On Saturday, March 16, 2019 we had the chance to go winter King Salmon fishing. We went with Maverick Charters out of Homer. We had a great time, and caught fish! Our group caught a total of five kings. Captain Eric made sure we had a great time! For more information on Maverick Charters visit […]

Failed Attempt to Load a Snowmachine (Snowmobile)

My snowmachine gave out the other day, and so I attempted to load it onto my pickup truck. Unfortunately, it was to heavy for Shane and myself to lift on, so I attempted to ram it on with the four wheeler. Sadly, it never did get to the repair shop but is still sitting in […]

Matt The Moose Whisperer

On the way to take my daughter Desiree out for breakfast, this nice moose walked in front of us. I did my best to communicate with the moose, but my messages didn’t seem to register.

Benchy Boat Tracker

In February of 2019 we launched two little boats into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii’s big island, both equipped with a satellite tracker. Below is the path the two little boats are taking. Updates are below the map. March 1, 2019: Benchy I went offline. We are hoping someone encounters the boat […]