Your Business Logo on Matt’s Boat




A 6”x3” decal will be place on Matt’s boat for 12 months. As a direct result
of being on the boat, it would end up in books, videos, and other publications.
For example, Millertech ended up in this ad-who knows where you logo will
be seen! In addition to decal placement, you will also receive a frameable photo
of the boat, with your decal, and it will be personally autographed by Matt.
All you need to do is supply your logo, we will print the decal and take care of
the rest! Your business information will also be listed on Matt’s website.
Space is limited. We choose where to put the logo, placement is available for an additional charge.
We reserve the right to refuse any logo for any reason.

Additional options:
Larger sizes available for additional charge.
Pick your spot for an additional $50, excludes spot over windshields in front of the boat. For example, back deck, motors, space over deck door, etc.

email your logo to, after going through the checkout process.


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