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Author: Matt Snader

Book Number 10

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Click here to view a demonstration of how to play Eskimo Checkers

This is a combo package, you get Book 10, Vikings, Ruins, and Buried Treasure, and a game of Eskimo Checkers. (3D printed version)

In this book, the Snader family heads down to Arizona to setup a vacation home. Since a regular house is too expensive, they purchase a 1986 Winnebago to park on their lot. Unfortunately, the aging motorhome doesn’t even make it to their land, and instead, starts on fire along the way.

Matt also visits several controversial archaeological sites with historian Ivan Martin, of the Anabaptist Forum. Did Vikings visit Oklahoma and Minnostoa, years before Columbus discovered American? Who carved the Ten Commandments, in ancient Hebrew, on a large stone in a remote area of New Mexico? Did Israelites actually visit the area thousands of years ago, or is it a fraud?

The group also goes on an expedition in Arizona to find some lost cliff dwelling Indian ruins. When these are finally located, Shane, Ivan, and Matt spend an uneasy night in them. Another highlight was following actual fossilized tracks of dinosaurs in the Paluxy riverbed in Texas. Also on the itinerary is a stop at the Ark Encounter, and the Institute for Creation Research.

Somewhere on the trip Matt also buries a treasure in the desert. There are subtle clues in the book, and whoever finds the treasure first can keep it. This treasure consists of over twenty six pounds of silver and gold bullion (mostly silver), and also a free trip to Alaska. More details inside the book!

Note: Prospective treasure hunters must abide by a list of rules, which are in the book. For example: No committing crimes when looking for the treasure, or breaking into people’s houses, etc. Another note: The treasure is not on Matt’s land-don’t even look there.

At 240 pages, this is our second largest book yet.

ISBN: 978-0-578-75874-9


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